Take Time to Enjoy The Rain

Woman, Young, Rain, Pond, Cambodia, Girl

The couple just glared at each other with no words to express their suffering. John and Izzy had been trying to have a baby for 6 years, and now the doctor just informed them that they were unable to have children due to infertility issues. The couple’s hearts were shattered as they had dreamed of having a family their entire marriage. Now, their family would never be complete.

After a few weeks, John and Izzy finally got up enough courage and strength to discuss the situation. They decided that if they could not produce children of their own, they would attempt to adopt. This was the only way to satisfy their desire to have a child.

The couple researched their options and decided to adopt a child from South Korea. This was one of the top adoption countries, so they determined this was the way to go. The agency paired them up with a child and emailed them some pictures. The young girl was just perfect. Her eyes told the story of a child that needed a good mother and father. John and Izzy let the agency know they wanted to adopt the girl named Ji Woo. They completed the necessary paperwork and received notification that they both needed to travel to South Korea for a week.  The itinerary would be to meet Ji Woo and go before the court system to demonstrate their ability to be suitable parents.

John and Izzy were very eager and uneasy about this trip. They arrived in South Korea and could not wait to meet their potential child.  Ji Woo was escorted into the court room and the couple immediately fell in love with her. In their eyes, Ji Woo was already their daughter. They had prayed fervently about this adoption and after meeting this sweet girl in person, they knew it was fate for them to become a family.

The couple returned to the United States to wait for the adoption to become finalized. They were very anxious, and Izzy couldn’t sleep at nights. She was on pins and needles waiting on the finalization notification from the agency. It had been 10 months and John and Izzy still had not received any communication from the agency or government of South Korea. It appeared they had their whole life on hold awaiting the news of the adoption. After 12 months, they received notification of their adoption approval and a date was set for them to travel to pick up Ji Woo.

The couple prepared Ji Woo’s room and bought a closet full of clothes for their new daughter. They planned a party for her return with all their friends and family invited to attend. The South Korean girl was going to finally have a home and they were going to celebrate her arrival.

The couple traveled yet again to South Korea, but this time they were more excited than nervous. They could not wait to hold their new daughter and shower her with love. Once they landed, they traveled to the adoption agency to pick her up. However, when they arrived, the agency gave them bad news. It turned out that Ji Woo had an aunt that visited the government and claimed custody of her. It happened so quickly that the agency had no time to contact John and Izzy to let them know.

The couple was once again devastated, but this time it was even more grave. They had already fallen in love with Ji Woo and now felt as if a loved one had been ripped away. Izzy could not bear the thought of going back to the States without her baby. She requested that the agency provide the aunt’s location of residency and requested permission to go speak to the aunt. The agency agreed with only one condition.  One of their representatives would need to escort John and Izzy.

They traveled to the village in the county of Boseong and located the aunt. Izzy approached the aunt and pleaded to take Ji Woo to their home. She told the aunt how much she already loved the young girl and how well she would care for her. The aunt was polite but refused to let Ji Woo leave. She allowed John and Izzy to see her one last time as it would likely be the last time they ever saw her again.

Izzy held Ji Woo in her arms and gave her a long, loving embrace. She wept but tried to hide it from the young girl as she did not want to trouble her. While she was hugging her, the sky began to pour rain. Rather than running for cover, Izzy was unwavering and used this time to play with her daughter. They danced and frolicked in the rain while laughing and singing.

The aunt observed from a distance and could perceive the unending love Izzy possessed for Ji Woo. She could not deny her this truly unconditional love. She expressed to John and Izzy that she changed her mind.  Izzy and John embraced each other and jumped for joy. God had answered their prayers and they now had a daughter in their family.

Izzy never would forget the time she spent with Ji Woo playing in the rain. The rain did not stop her from loving her child and expressing that love without hesitation. At least once a year during the month Ji Woo was adopted, they would all go outside and play in the rain.

Remember to take time to enjoy your life, even in the rain. The rain is not always a hindrance. It can often be just what you need to help you appreciate your life and feel free.


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