What Side Effects are You Feeling

My fiancé came to visit this week and I was so tired that I took a nap while he was here. That is very unusual, and I even fell asleep at the dinner table after our meal. I had been so exhausted over the last few days and assumed it was my allergies flaring up. I actually got to the point I had to lay my head down on my desk a few times at work to take a 2-minute nap.
I decided I was going to need to visit the clinic to find out why I was so drained. Something was not right. Maybe it was still my allergies. I took my allergy medicine and headed to work. I really struggled to stay awake on the drive to work that morning and about half way there decided it wasn’t the best decision to be driving.
It was evident to my co-workers that something was not right with me being so lethargic. I explained that I had felt that way for the past few days and could not understand why I was so exhausted. However, after several questions from one of my co-workers, I concluded I was causing this myself.
You see, this week I ran out of my allergy medicine and decided to use some medicine I had stored in my cabinet. I purchased this discounted box of allergy medicine one day at the store. I failed to read any of the details on the package, but knew it said non-drowsy allergy medicine. Over the next few days, I was exhausted and thought my allergies were causing severe fatigue.
I was suffering from the side effects of this medicine but did not even realize I was causing my own fatigue. We often do this in our everyday life. We partake in activities that cause undesirable side effects, but never realize we are causing our own suffering. God has the perfect prescription laid out in instructions found in the Bible. However, we choose to stray from that prescription and try our own medicine. We often cause our own challenges in life. Next time you are feeling some unwelcome side effects in your life, try reading God’s prescription and determine the cause of your ailments.


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