Happy Easter! Felices Pascuas!

As you lay your head down to sleep tonight, don’t overlook the sacrifice Jesus made for us all.  We celebrated Easter today, but did we really take time to recognize the value of the sacrifice that was made over 2000 years ago?  I am sometimes guilty of participating in the actions of the religious celebrations without taking the time to really meditate on the true purpose for the celebration.  Jesus died for our sins and the veil of the temple was torn.   We are no longer bound by our sins and are welcomed into God’s family if we believe Jesus was the son of God. 

This means more than any of us could ever comprehend.  We are forgiven of our sins and God the Father is inviting us to eat at the table of life.  Do you take this truly to heart, or do you just go through the motions of the celebration?  I hope you took today to connect with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to truly understand the most wonderful gift of all times.  If not, it is never too late.  Happy Easter!  May you and your families be blessed. 


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