Fear Can Make or Break You

Fear can be a great obstacle in our lives, but it can also be an instrument for improvement in our lives. Fear is not always a negative emotion.  It can be used to trigger our actions and direct our paths in life.  The key is to understand when fear is a hindrance and when it is a blessing.

Many people will tell you that they fear only God and nothing else.  Although, that may be their goal, it just is not true.  Everyone has fears in life even if they don’t admit it.  The solution is learning when fear is acceptable and when it needs to be released. 

If a person is afraid of public speaking, that fear can be handled in two different ways.  Fear of speaking in front of a crowd is a complete nightmare for some people.  It is so frightening that it is almost emotionally crippling, and the person is unable to achieve their goal.  On the other hand, another person may be afraid of public speaking, but their fear aids them in improving their preparation for the speech and concentrating more on their presentation skills.

Fear is a natural emotion and a helpful signal for us in many ways.  If we are frightened when hearing a noise, it triggers us to investigate that noise which is a method of self-help.  If that fear causes us to ball up and hide under the covers the rest of the night, it has become an unhealthy emotion.

Think of the emotions you felt this week and try to remember if you were afraid at any time.  Now, reflect on those feelings you had and what actions came from that fear.  Did you use the fear constructively or did the fear hold you back?  Remember to use fear as a tool to improve your life.

My job required a presentation this week and I was very nervous about it.  However, the fear pushed me to spend more time on the data and details of the presentation which was an improvement.  If you like, comment on some things that you are afraid of and how you can use that fear to positively develop yourself.


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