She had just finished cleaning up the spilled coffee from the floor and stocking the candy shelf when she spotted him.  A young man walked into the store to purchase a bag of chips and a banana.  When Jenna totaled up his purchases, she perceived that he wanted to speak but he never said a word. 

The next day, the same guy came into the store again and purchased a drink and gum this time.  Jenna attempted to establish a casual conversation, but he still seemed very reserved.  He said his name was Brad and that he had just started a new job about a mile down the road.  Jenna thought Brad was charming, but since he didn’t desire to talk, she assumed he was not interested in her.

Over the next 3 weeks, Brad stopped at the store every day to make a purchase.  Every day that Jenna was working she took notice of him but never got him to make eye contact with her longer than a few seconds. Jenna still had a great interest in Brad but decided she would stop trying to get his attention.  It was obvious that he was not attracted to her.

One day Jenna came out of the back room of the store and noticed someone at the door holding flowers.  This was not a normal bouquet of flowers that would be purchased at the florist.  These were wild flowers that looked freshly picked.  Jenna could not see who was holding the flowers because the flowers were masking his face.

When she made it behind the counter to help the customer, she saw that it was Brad.  He walked up to Jenna and gave her the flowers.  She smiled and asked him what the flowers were for.  He said that he had freshly picked the flowers for her because the flowers reminded him of her.  Of course, Jenna asked, “How”?

Brad explained that the flowers were a beauty created by God.  These flowers were often overlooked by everyone passing by every day.  People often do not take time to appreciate God’s beauty he placed in the flowers.  Brad told Jenna that he had noticed her beauty both in her appearance and her personality every day.  Her beauty never faded and was noticed every time he visited the store.

A few small tears fell down Jenna’s cheek as she listened to Brad’s explanation.  She was unsure of what to say and stood in silence for many seconds.  She walked out from behind the counter and hugged Brad.  She explained that she had never really felt pretty at all since she was a kid.  She was burned in a house fire when she was 6 years old and wore the burn scars on her face her whole childhood.

Brad asked Jenna out for coffee after work and they dated for a year before they were married.  Jenna would never forget the day Brad showed up with the flowers and how beautiful he made her feel. 



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