5 Ways to Entertain Children

Children can be the most beautiful and amazing small people, but they can also be out of control and crazy tiny people.  Generally, children begin to get rowdy when they are bored.  So, the best way to keep control of your children is to keep their mind stimulated and their hands busy.  Here are 5 tips for entertaining children that may help the next time you have a rowdy bunch on your hands.


Children seem to enjoy working a lot more than adults do.  There are simple chores around the house that your child is anxious to perform.  No, they may not do the best job, but chances are the job they will perform the job good enough.  We need to learn to let our young ones perform these duties and help them get better at the tasks each time.  This does require patience and the ability not to be a perfectionist, but it is a great learning experience for your children.  My children have enjoyed scrubbing floors, washing dishes, digging holes, raking, vacuuming the car and more.  Next time you have a list of chores to complete for the day, remember that those young ones will be more than happy to assist you.

Tip #2

Make believe is something all children find entertaining.  Sometimes they just need a little push in the right direction to get started.  Maybe you could start them off by pretending with them for the first 10 minutes.  After that, they will most likely be so far into the imaginary scene that they don’t need your assistance any longer.  Blanket forts and airplanes made from rows of chairs are 2 scenes my children really enjoyed.

Tip #3

Letting your children help in the kitchen is also a great activity.  This keeps the children busy and teaches them skills in many areas such as reading, following directions and measurements.  You can plan something special to cook with them or you can just let them assist in some of the prep work for your family meals.  Either way, it is a great way to spend time with your children and teach them at the same time. 

Tip #4

Occasionally you need to entertain your children, but you just don’t have the time.  When you are busy with household chores that the kids cannot assist with, it is important to have activities they can do by themselves.  Depending on their ages, children can play with legos, tinker toys, blocks and puzzles.  My children have even used the small plastic cups used for the bathroom sink to build towers.  This keeps them busy for hours at a time while I work.

Tip #5

The most important way to entertain your children is to give them your undivided attention.  There are countless times that we think we are spending time with our children and they do not perceive that at all.  They only believe we are spending time together when they have our attention without any distractions.  Put up the cell phone and electronics and spend quality time with them.  This time will go a long way with your children and their need for attention.  You will most likely notice that after spending this one on one time with your child, their behavior will become more positive and calmer.  Remember, there is no substitute for a parent’s attention.


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