Got Wisdom?

What is wisdom?  People speak of wisdom and how honorable it is to be wise, but what does that truly signify?  God speaks of wisdom in the Bible, so it must be crucial for us to understand.  The word “wisdom” shows up in the King James Version of the bible 367 different times from the front to back cover. 

In Kings 3:5, Solomon had an angel appear to him named Gibeon.  Solomon was advised to ask anything he desired from God.  Solomon chose wisdom and became known as the wisest king in history to ever rule.  However, Solomon’s exact request was to possess the ability to discern judgement between good and bad.   

So, being wise means that we can determine what is good and what is evil.  Not only can we determine the difference, but we understand how to guard ourselves from the evil and stay on the path of good.  Wisdom is a gift from God distributed through the Holy Spirit.  In the book of Corinthians, chapter 12, the fruit of the spirits are discussed, and wisdom is one of those gifts.  We receive wisdom only from accepting Jesus Christ as our savior and son of God.  Once we do that, we receive the Holy Spirit and receive the gifts of the Spirit.  Have you asked for this precious gift of wisdom?



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