Mother’s Day is not always flowers and gifts

What does Mother’s Day mean to an orphan?  What does it signify to those whose mother has already left this world and moved to Heaven? How do mothers celebrate who have lost a child before their time? 

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers and how much they care for us.  However, sometimes it is not always a happy celebration.  It is often a grieving day for many as they miss their loved ones or think about a loved one they never met.  Take time to observe those around you that may be hurting during this holiday.  Understanding their pain will also help you appreciate your blessings.

Today, I am thinking about those less fortunate people and praying that they have peace during this difficult time.  For those of you whose mother’s have already passed, I pray that you will remember the good times you had with your mothers and think about the happy memories.

For those of you who have lost a child, I pray that you will recall the memories you spent with your child and how precious those times truly were.  Use your experience to help other mothers understand just how much they should treasure every moment and never take their child for granted.

For those of you have had a miscarriage or stillborn, I pray a special prayer for you.  I belong in this group of mothers as well.  Remember the child or children you lost is a creation of God and you will meet them again one day in Heaven.  Place your hope in God’s eternal life through his son, Jesus Christ.

Pray for the ones who never knew their biological mother, but always desired to see her smile.  They yearned to know who she was and what she was like.  Pray that God will send them peace of mind in knowing that He has a plan for their life and their biological parents do not make them who they are.

Happy Mother’s Day to All. Remember to cherish every moment with your children, parents and loved ones.

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash


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