Are You Really Tired of Being Tired?

This week I have been dragging more than usual and feeling particularly tired.  Today, I did not wake up until about 9 am and then took a 3-hour nap and was still exhausted.  I started feeling sorry for myself and thought, “I am so tired of being tired.”.  This is when I got a small nudge from God that made me reflect for a while.  If I am so tired, why do I continue to do the same things that keep me drained?

My Diet

The last 3 weeks, I have not been eating healthy at all.  I have been drinking 2 to 3 sodas a day and eating sugary and processed foods.  By keeping this diet, I have been causing my own fatigue.  If we desire for our bodies to feel good and have energy, we must eat healthy foods.  I am guilty of complaining about they way my body is feeling, but not taking the time to consume foods that will fuel my body in a healthy way.


The more I sit on the couch or lay around the house and look at my phone or get on my laptop, the less I want to go out and participate in activities.  I need to push myself to get out and get started in activities each day and that will give me momentum to continue.  That initial “get up and go” is the hardest part.  I am choosing to sit around the house and the result is the tiredness I am feeling.  Going to the park or gym a few days a week would make a huge difference.

Spiritual Welfare

Spiritual health is important to the way our bodies feel as well.  We need to have a healthy spirit and heart for our bodies to feel pleasant.  I personally need to devote more time communicating with God and reading in the Bible.  If I would use this extra time each day with God, I would be amazed at the difference in how I feel.  How do I know this?  I have experienced it before and bounced back from fatigue to a person full of energy.

The next time you think you are just overwhelmingly tired over a period time you should ask yourself a question.  Are you really tired of being tired?  If you are, you should do what it takes to yield the changes necessary to get yourself back on track.  It is understandable that some people do have true health conditions that cause them to be fatigued, but for the majority of us it is just the lifestyle habits we need to modify.

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash



  1. Eating sugary and processed foods does bring you down. I try to eat a fruit a day. It’s easier for me than veggies. Try a fruit a day and see where that goes. Hope this helps


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