Sometimes You Should Look Back

Today I was reflecting on how appreciative I am to God for the life I am living today.  Sometimes you should look back to where you were, so you can see how far God has brought you.  Today, I am living a very joyful life with very little conflict.  All my needs are met.  I am surrounded by my family and I am engaged to a great man who loves me.  When I look back, it allows me to see how far I have been pulled out of a deep dark hole.

Life has not always been this pleasant for me or my children.  We lived in a very dark world and struggled just to get through every day.  We were mentally abused on a regular basis by my alcoholic ex-husband.  There was not only conflict every day, but sometimes there was conflict and turmoil every minute of every day.  You could not even escape it by sleeping at night.  There were so many nights we were tormented throughout the night by screaming, glass breaking, gun shots firing in the air or worse.   God was with us then too, but we were surrounded by darkness and struggled to see the light. 

It is true that you do not want to live in the past.  However, it is not always harmful to look back to see the journey you have begun.  Where are you on your journey?  Are you rising from the ashes, or are you falling into a pit of despair?  I am happily rising from the ashes and want to take this time to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  If you are in the middle of the fire, cling to God and obey his Spirit.  He will always be with you and help you through your struggles.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


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