Stop Forcing Actions and You Will Bloom

The past couple of weeks, I have not been in the mood to blog.  I am unsure as to what causes me to be in a writing mood.  However, when the feeling is not there, I do not try to force it.  There are many times in our lives that we should stand back and stop trying to “force” actions in our life.  God has everything under control and He desires for us to trust Him to show us the best path.  Praying for God’s direction is the single most significant action we can take in our lives. 

When we attempt to force a square block through a round hole, we are operating against God’s plans for our lives.  We must wait on His direction and the right opportunity will come directly to us without any difficulties.  I am very guilty of working hard to solve my own problems.  I trick myself into believing that if I work hard enough, I will come up with a solution.  It is not by works but by faith that we are able to be truly blessed by God. 

So, strive to exercise this in your life in the upcoming weeks, months and years.  Spend less time causing unnecessary friction by placing yourself in situations where you were never intended to be.  Spend additional time praying for God to open the correct window of opportunity for you.  Just like a flower that springs up and flourishes in an unlikely place, God will use you in the same way.


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