Precious Life

Precious Life celebrate success of European Pro-Life ...

Life is precious. This is a phrase repeated over and over through time, yet we don’t seem to actually understand its meaning until we or one of our family members is vulnerable, sick, injured or near death. It is at that time that we realize just how much that phrase means.

The definition of precious is “of great value or high price”. God gave us the most valuable gift of all. The gift of eternal life if we accept Jesus Christ as our savior and follow Him. So, life is very precious and what we choose to do with our gift is completely up to each one of us. We need to choose to live life to the fullest extent each and every day and use the opportunities God provides to be a light to those in the dark.

You see, not everyone knows about this valuable gift of salvation. Some people know about this gift but do not understand how important it is. They may feel that the gift is not free and that they are not worthy of such a gift. It is our job to help everyone understand that they are worthy of salvation and eternal life. The gift is free to everyone. They must just accept Jesus as their savior, confess their sins and follow Him.

We cannot squander our lives away with things in life that are not important for our families and the kingdom of God. Our lives are short and none of us are promised tomorrow. We must live for today and fully understand how precious life really is.


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